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Exercise Myths and Facts

Young Couple Jogging at the Beach

Now that the snow has finally melted for good (I hope) and our thoughts turn to enjoying time in the beautiful outdoors. As our weather heats up the comfy, bulky clothing we can easily hide behind is replaced by items that are typically a little more revealing.

For the average person, more skin = more attention on fitness!

If fitness is not a normal part of your routine it can be overwhelming to think about. This can discourage you from taking your first steps toward health. Most of the damaging beliefs that create the walls between you and fitness are the result of some popular myths about physical activity. In order to encourage you toward fitness we provide this list of popular but destructive exercise fallacies. Do not to fall for these!

Exercise Myths:
•    The gym is the only place to get the results you want from exercise.
•    You must work out long and hard to make it worth while.
•    Exercise can make up for other bad lifestyle habits.
•    Crunches get rid of belly fat.
•    Exercise turns fat into muscle.
•    It’s dangerous to begin exercising when older or pregnant.
•    If someone is thin or athletic, they must be healthy.
•    Stretching before exercise is vital.
•    Weight gain is inevitable as you age.
•    Women will get bulky from strength training.
•    If you work out long enough and hard enough you will always get the results you want.
•    You have to sweat to have a good workout.
•    You can’t be fit and fat.
•    To get better results, work harder or work longer.
•    The right exercise can remove fat from certain areas (spot reduction).
•    More exercise is better.
•    No Pain, No Gain.

Instead use these exercise facts to build your motivation to get out there and get moving!
•    Improves your mood.
•    Combats chronic stress.
•    Boosts energy level.
•    Helps you manage your weight.
•    Balances your blood sugar.
•    Promotes better sleep.
•    Improves strength, flexibility and endurance.
•    Improves the health of your skin.
•    Reduces hunger.
•    Boosts your metabolism.
•    Improves mental focus.
•    Enhances your immune system.
•    Gives momentum to other healthy habits.
•    Can be fun!

The many benefits of exercise begin with the first step!



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